April 2017 – Homes & Living Special

Guillaume Vincent

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This year’s decorating trends

The decor specialists at Rona Forget, always impatient to discover what the interior design experts have in store for us, have combed the Web in search of the latest trends. “A great deal, and something for every taste,” they explain. Some trends stand out, however, and work better with our regional style. Here’s the scoop.


Greenery: the colour of the year

Greenery, says Pantone, is the colour of the year. Just think of the luminous, brilliant greens of spring’s fresh shoots as nature returns to life. So “Greenery” symbolizes regeneration and suggests that we take serious inspiration from the refreshing and revitalizing decor that illustrates the lush leafiness and profusion of the outdoors. The nuances of this yellowish green go wonderfully well with the woodwork that we find in such abundance in our Laurentian homes, as well as reminding us of the beauties of our natural surroundings.


The elegance of minimalist lamps

According to the Rona Forget specialists, the trend to minimalist light fixtures to illuminate our interiors will strengthen. Whether it’s fixtures with articulated arms, brass arms or on a cord, they’re everywhere. The colour black is very much in style, and harmonizes well with Scandinavian style and with white decors. The way wood and the black metal of the light fixtures go together make for a chic, elegant and contemporary look.



Cork is making a strong comeback and can even be found on furniture such as chairs and low tables. Insulating, humidity-resistant and very good-looking, cork can also be used to cover walls. In short, the authenticity of the material charms designers, who are gradually replacing wood with this protective bark.



Chic and soft, linen remains a safe bet. Ideal for draperies, sheer curtains, tablecloths, slipcovers, towels and tea towels, linen creates a harmonious atmosphere evocative of nature. Earth colours are calming and remain in style.



Plywood – now that’s a surprise. But it will be everywhere: in furniture, in headboards or covering an entire wall. Plywood is, after all, economical and has a rough side with visible markings that architects are featuring to create minimalist interiors.  It can even be used to make closets or create a separation in a big room.



Exit copper; now brass is the leading edge. Ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere, brass comes in different iterations. It can be seen on furniture and light fixtures or on small decorative objects. The brushed version gives an antique look.



Rich, soft and seductive, velvet comes in every colour imaginable – particularly in the deep colours that we’ll be seeing in 2017 – and finds its place in every room in the home. It goes perfectly with fine materials such as brass, marble and wood.  


The botanical trend

This trend arises from the practice of “Shinrin-yoku”, which is Japanese for “forest bath”. Those who can’t do without lots of greenery in their home will like this trend. Hanging plants, plants in pots, green walls…in other words, it’s showing up everywhere. And those who lack a green thumb need not despair. The trend can be achieved through a rich array of fabrics, wallpapers and decorative accessories that reflect this influence.